Full Stack Software Engineer

Feel free to check out all of my projects. More coming soon...


All of my recent projects leverage React framework such as Alythia, Casa-De-Aves and Simple Weather App.

NodeJS has become crucial part of my projects. Recent projects use Express and PorstgreSQL to take advantage of Node.

PHP has been useful for implementation of forms and communication with MySQL. I have used it to create WordPress templates.

I use JavasScript every day from DOM manipulations to React components, Arduino projects and so on.

jQuery made it easy selecting DOM elements in my recent projects using NodeJS

Alythia, Casa-De-Aves use Sequelize ORM for PostgeSQL to do CRUD operations and create relationships with tables.

I successfuly completed MongoDB for NodeJS Developers. Certificate of completion is available upon request.

Some school projects required iOS development. I have used it throughout school projects.

I used C++ for sorting algorithms, stacks and queues, also various school projects.

I srated with Oracle SQL and then switched to MySQL, PostgeSQL and MongoDB for web development.



NodeJS, PostgeSQL, Redis, React

Passwordless authentication system. Using your phones capabilities( FaceID, TouchID) you can sign in to our native app and scan that QR code. Our app builds a secure bridge between website you are trying to log in and you. No more passwords.

Casa de Aves

NodeJS, PostgeSQL, React, Redux, Materialize

Developed E-commerce site with a team in Agile Environment. Back-end is powered by NodeJS, Express, and PostgreSQL. Front-end we used React and Redux. Users able to add items to cart and checkout using their credit/debit card.

Twitter Bot

Twitter API, MonkeyLearn

The bot is able to grab twitter mentions and reply to them. Bot uses Twitter's API to get tweets and reply based on sentiment analysis from MonkeyLearn. Bot queries database to get appropriate emojis and replies to all mentions in time intervals.

Travel site

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript ES6, Gulp

Mobile-first website developed through Gulp automation and NPM packages. jQuery was used for animations. BEM syntax used for CSS and Webpack with babel-loader for javascript compatibility.

Simple Weather App

NodeJS, ES6

Google API is used to get location information, also Dark Sky API is used to get weather information and Pixel images API to get background images related to weather condition.

Todo List

HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

A simple to-do list application that uses local storage to save a list and fetch the list every time you open the browser. It provides limited functionality, yet completes it's task easily and efficiently.



Debugger by Bunny Inc - Summer 2018

WINNER of an online competition in which developers must find bugs in five quick challenges. The rule is that only the fastest debugger will move on to the next round until the winning developer is found! The competition is open to all full-stack developers who are willing to prove they are the fastest debuggers on Earth!

Lehman College Hackathon - Fall 2017

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) hosted another Hackathon in Lehman College. The goal was to create a Banking System that would persuade people who don't use banks to start using them. Along the way, Capital One provided their Nessie API to coummunicate with our application. We used Express with NodeJS to power our backend and Handlebars templating engine to create our UI. Our team faced a lot of challenges due to complexity of banking system and API.

Lehman College Hackathon - Fall 2016

National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) hosted Hackathon in Lehman College. We created Uber-like application for students who look for tutors. Google's FireBase service was used in the backend. App was created for Android Platform and I was in charge of delivering content and adding it to FireBase Database. The App won "The Best Social App" by Goldman Sachs.

MLH Local Hack Day - Fordham University 2016

This Hackathon was hosted worldwide by GitHub. Challenge was to create an app that would help local businesses to grow. Our team came up with the idea of a web application that would have a chatbot. The challenges we faced were mainly using IBM's Watson AI. Creation of chatbot was not successful.